The Littlest Project-Mailbox Numbers

During the summer I decided to complete the littlest project that’s ever had a blog post entirely dedicated to it on the homestead.

Our mailbox numbers.

Our mailbox has had ripped off, faded and peeling numbers on it since we purchased the acreage. With each year, the visibility of said numbers got worse. Until, the postal worker wrote our house number on the inside of the box itself with a sharpie.

One reason we avoided fixing this issue, is because, someday, Tyler is going to redo the entire mailbox. Not only is our box rusty. But the flag hinge is bent so that if not moved carefully it can get stuck in the up or down position. One year, Tyler accidentally cut the mail box down by wacking into the post. So he made a brace for the post to set it back upright.

In other words, our mailbox is one of the biggest eyesores on our property. (Now that the house looks gorgeous from the outside).

We also don’t have house numbers on the house. I don’t know why this is. I’m realizing, as I’m writing this, I’ve never even asked Tyler why we haven’t put up house numbers now that the porch is sided. Huh. I’ll have to find this info out and get back to you.

Because of no house numbers visible anywhere on the property (and on a property with two house on the road and a total of three mailboxes all on our property-we have mailboxes for two other houses in the area near our raspberry patch), it’s very confusing for people delivering stuff. We often get our neighbor’s packages during holidays when extra drivers have been hired that don’t know the area as well.

When at Bomgaars one day while looking directly at sticky numbers, it suddenly occurred to me that I could buy some mailbox numbers for about $2 for a temporary fix to the crappy mailbox.

So I did.

Then I “installed” them. Aka…stuck them on the side of the mailbox.

Because this is the internet, I can’t actually show you the mailbox with the actual numbers on them. That would give away our address, a thing one is never to do online.

Just imagine, under these white out spots-four black numbers on a white background. Easy to read, clear to see.

That’s my kind of project! 🤣

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