A New Beginning

It’s not really a new beginning…not after hundreds and hundreds of blog posts at the first site, http://www.insoundhealth.wordpress.com. It’s mainly just my way of keeping blogging free, I’m cheap.

The other blog is approaching 99% full and won’t accept more content without upgrading to a paid site. So here, I am, starting another blog to keep this little hobby free.

The blog will follow a similar fashion, except there won’t be a deconstruction category in the House and Acreage restoration heading; as deconstruction has been complete for several years. I will keep the other blog up as long as WordPress allows and continues to host it, so feel free to go back to the other to reminisce about days gone by.

Soon, this will be the main blog and the other will be officially retired. Thanks for sticking with us through the project. It appears living in a house that is approaching 120 years old and on a little acreage means you are never really done getting things together.