May 2022 Vlog

Before I get to the last Vlog for this year-long project of documenting the changes of the seasons and life over a single year of my lifetime, I have to work something out.

And there’s a bit of a backstory.

Last year, in December, I had been watching a YouTube channel where the content creator shared watcher submitted recipes from around the world. She put out an audience call for submissions on 2-3 things you would put on white rice if you were limited to only 2 or 3. I emailed her a suggestion and she accepted it, to my utter shock. She asked me to film a little clip explaining my topping choices and send it in.

The video went live in January, and it was viewed a lot. But, there were 9 other rice topping videos besides my own. And mine, unsurprisingly, was the “least foodie.” But I never even considered the “foodie-ness” quality of my submission.

My toppings were chicken nuggets (which I said I cut up to make them go farther), green onions, sesame seeds and ginger paste. It’s basically just breaded chicken and rice with some ginger and onion. But, apparently, using chicken nuggets is a faux paus.

This month, the original video was turned into two shorts on YouTube. So the editing was a little different, a little less background on the toppings, etc. The video was trending, so it spread to a whole new group of internet people…you know the kind. My part of the video received the most negativity. Not about taste (because seriously-it’s chicken and rice with ginger), but about second-hand embarrassment about the entire USA.

The comments followed this type of trend:

“Oh, the USA, who the hell cooks with chicken nuggets?”——“ The lady with the freaking chicken nuggets just made me feel so embarrassed to be an American. SMH.” —- “America disappoints me every time.”


If I had said shredded chicken instead of chicken nuggets…or if I had panko-breaded my own chicken…or if I had been from Canada…or if they heard this was a 9:30pm quick and cheap and lazy dinner would these “Americans” be so embarrassed about one person’s submission?

It doesn’t take much for me to get nervous about being on the internet. You’ll notice my vlogs have comments disabled. I once worked a job where I was regularly harassed on Facebook and through voicemails and emails (by people in their 60s-just so you are aware) sent to my work. So I’ve been nervous, throughout this Vlog process. And my nerves has been growing as the year has gone on.

Why do I blog if I’m nervous about the internet? Because the sheets small numbers of people reading blogs has nose dived in the past ten years. I’ve been blogging in some format since 2013, and when previously hundreds and sometimes thousands would see my blog (I don’t know how), I mostly get 10-15 readers a post.

The odds of an old style media format, such as blogging, going viral nowadays isn’t common. So I can keep this mode of record keeping as a creative outlet without worrying about anyone picking it up. This isn’t for income or a side hustle, just an outlet to write and to look back on life. I’ve loved reading old posts from the beginning of the house project, remembering days I had forgotten. That’s why I won’t quit this until there is nothing left to say.

Anyway, back to May.

I’m not going to write a bunch about May. I address the camera in this video at the end to reflect on this project. I’m feeling a bit on edge from the rice toppings video and, as you’ll hear in the video, I’m recovering from a health scare. I’m sure the mountains of medications I’m on are impacting the uneasy feeling I have had about the rice video. And I know the comments say more about the person making them than me, but I absently had not considering the possibility of the negativity before submitting my video to a content creator with hundreds of thousands of followers. Live and learn I guess.

And now I can return to relative obscurity. With a year of the Vlog project under my belt, I’m thankful for the timing

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