The Fireplace

I suppose the beauty of the delay in these posts is that when something actually has some work done, you get more of the story in a single post.

If you were waiting to see if we had a Christmas tree in the porch (as Tyler has wanted), we didn’t. But there’s always this upcoming Christmas.

Tyler began working on the fireplace over the Christmas break. When he had Covid. (It was bound to happen at some point!)

This part involves putting the brick on the fireplace. It’s a brick veneer-so not full size bricks. They are rustic and even with just a few of them on, it made the porch look so much more fantastic.

When doing this work, Tyler had to keep the fireplace on thermostat. This would allow the cement to set. The fireplace was on for about two weeks straight. It would cycle on and off. It made the house (at least to me) feel quite warm.

He spent time first planning out how to lay the bricks. Then put on the corners, then the sides.

After it was bricked, he worked on the baseboard. And, as you can see, a beautiful fireplace is complete.

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