December 2021 Vlog

As we move into a winter with just some Vlog videos, Tyler did ask me to share a little (that is also shared in the Vlog).

Right now we are working at paying down our balance on our mortgage fast because…well…watch the video and you’ll hear a bit about the backstory. But, what that means is less money to do renovations and such. So that is the reason there isn’t anything to blog about. Not because of just busy life or the house being complete (bwahahahaha! I can’t believe I even typed those words).

This means 2022 will look differently than the past years. But, I’m good with that. In fact, I’d say 2021 was one of my top five worst years personally. So I’m okay with shifting focus this year and doing things a little differently.

Here’s the link to the Vlog:

May your 2022 start off as beautiful as mine did-with a cuddly puppy laying his head gently on my chest to wake me up so we could hang out. I’ll see you next month.

I would like to add one sad, personal note. A dear friend of Tyler’s, who helped us with the electric work on the house (bringing the ditch witch to dig trenches, running cable and setting up the panels) passed away yesterday. Shane was a fun-loving, hard-working guy who stopped down to visit whenever he was in town. He was the kind of person who’d help you out however he could. He was a lifelong musician, doing the important work of laying down on the bass. He will be greatly missed.

WordPress is acting up today so I am unable to make direct posts, so if you’d like to you can read about the work he helped with here and here

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